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Leonard the Larch

Legends of the Forest - Book 1

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"Leonard the Larch", otherwise known as the Western Larch, is the first book in the series. Darcee has chosen Leonard as the “Jokester” of the forest because he loves to spook all his tree friends whenever he gets the chance. Halloween was Leonard’s favorite time of year because he loved dressing up and Mother Earth had the perfect costume in mind especially for him.

Cedric the Cedar

Legends of the Forest - Book 2

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“Cedric the Cedar” is the name given to the Western Red Cedar. He is a fire control officer and is responsible for protecting the forest and all the animals that live in it. “Cedric” teaches us how firefighters manage wildfires and illustrates the important role fire plays in helping to make our forests healthier.

Wendy the Whitebark Pine

Legends of the Forest - Book 3

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The Whitebark pine is a threatened species because it is under attack from the Mountain Pine Beetle, Whitepine Blister Rust, fire suppression and global warming.

Darcee has teamed up with the Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation of Canada and has written a book to bring attention to this very important issue and to shed some light on how losing this extremely important tree can impact our watersheds and slope stability.

Meet the “Tree Amigos” in this courageous new adventure where the most unusual group of friends go on a hike to collect pine nuts from the Whitebark pine trees which grow high in the mountains. You will meet a rather clumsy grizzly bear named “General Sherman”, a high-strung grey squirrel whose nickname is “Squirrelly Pants” and an impatient nutcracker simply named “Clark”. On their journey they quickly realize their tree friends were in grave danger and together they would do anything to help save their friends and their precious pine nut.