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"Wendy the Whitebark Pine"

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Meet the “Tree Amigos” in this courageous new adventure where the most unusual group of friends go on a hike to collect pine nuts from the Whitebark pine trees which grow high in the mountains. You will meet a rather clumsy grizzly bear named “General Sherman”, a high-strung grey squirrel whose nickname is “Squirrelly Pants” and an impatient nutcracker simply named “Clark”. On their journey they quickly realize their tree friends were in grave danger and together they would do anything to help save their friends and their precious pine nut.

Legends of the Forest

“Legends of the Forest” is a book series that connects youth to their natural world using clever legends that help identify trees that grow in our forests and in our backyard.

These books are to be used as a bedtime story, field guide, and as reference material for homeschoolers and classrooms. All the information is curriculum based and easy to integrate into lesson plans for science and technology.

Darcee loves to hike, explore, and breathe in the wonders of nature. For her, a blade of grass can be seen entirely different from a city slicker’s view. For her, it turns into a game called, “Tree or Bush?” You have to purchase a book to find out how to play that game. One of her favorite things to do in the fall is to collect acorns! So on each page she has hidden acorns amongst the beautiful illustrations and its up to you to try and find them.

The “Legends of the Forest” book series is a new genre, waiting to be uncovered and enjoyed by kids, teachers, and grandparents. If you love learning about the wonders of nature then Darcee invites you to explore “Legends of the Forest”. Explore a different way of looking at nature and make that very important connection to our natural world. Hidden Acorn

Program Opportunities

Darcee’s favorite thing to do is to teach and write. While working in the forest industry, she began creating stories that came to her while hiking through the beautiful, lush green forests. She started giving alternative names to the trees and plants and gave them life-like personalities that became main characters in a play.

When not working in the bush, Darcee visited classrooms to teach all she knew about the forest industry and began telling her stories. Everyone loved them and encouraged her to write them down. And so “Legends of the Forest” was birthed and working for the forest industry ended.

Today she works at the Trail and District Public Library where she continues to encourage students to look and appreciate the smallest organisms, such as beautiful, tiny mushrooms growing on a rotting fallen log, and to remind them that all organisms make up our ecosystems and that every living creature is required to keep our forests healthy.

She also enjoys teaching the public about the forest health issues that plague our forests today, such as the Mountain Pine Beetle and the Whitepine Blister Rust, which is currently threatening the Whitebark Pine to extinction.

Darcee’s presentations can give people the power of knowledge as they begin to understand the natural life cycle of our trees and to show that at any age you can be a difference maker and make our world a happier and greener place to live for both humans and our precious animal kingdom.


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"I thought you did great - connected with the kids very well, built suspense and drama, spoke at their level, lots of smiling and energy, showed the pictures well so all the kids could see - an A+ presentation."
- Margaret Stegman

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