"... a book series that connects youth to their natural world using clever legends that help identify trees that grow in our forests and in our backyard."


The “Legends of the Forest” book series is a new genre, waiting to be uncovered and enjoyed by kids, teachers, and grandparents. If you love learning about the wonders of nature then author Darcee O’Hearn invites you to explore “Legends of the Forest”. Explore a different way of looking at nature and make that very important connection to our natural world.

These books are to be used as a bedtime story, field guide, and as reference material for homeschoolers and classrooms. All the information is curriculum based and easy to integrate into lesson plans for science and technology.

photo courtesy of Lesley Chisholm

photo courtesy of
Lesley Chisholm

Darcee O'Hearn
Author of the Legends of the Forest series

Darcee loves to hike, explore, and breathe in the wonders of nature. For her, a blade of grass can be seen entirely different from a city slicker’s view. It turns into a game called, “Tree or Bush?” You have to purchase a book to find out how to play that game. One of her favorite things to do in the fall is to collect acorns!

She lives in Rossland, a small town in British Columbia with her husband, Doug, and her adorable three kids, Alexander, Jill, and Charlie. She enjoys spending time with her family, camping, gardening, storytelling, sewing, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and doing everything that is interpretive. She's had lots of different jobs in the forest industry, working in remote locations such as Haida Gwaii and Mackenzie B.C. She has many exciting stories to share, such as being stalked by wolves and being chased by a grizzly bear, as well as all the other adventures she endured while cycling across Canada. Ask her about the flying potatoes!